Lee Nowell-Wilson is a figurative painter, printmaker, and street artist currently based in Baltimore, MD.

"With my paintings, I work to create a bridge between individuals in life and a junction of conversation. Therefore, at the core of my work is relationship - with that, at the core of relationship should exist authenticity, and at the core of authenticity should exist vulnerability. Ultimately, you cannot receive these things in full honesty when disconnected from one another. It is the willingness to allow yourself to truly be seen by people, as you try to see them, that will bring forward connection and therefore belonging.

That is the point of my work - to bring these statements beyond words and ideas, and into something tangible. Can the vulnerability of my work bring something unseen into being seen? Each of my paintings, or series of work, involve a different idea, but at the heart are my efforts to bring forward that sense of relationship."

Professionally, Lee has exhibited work in Baltimore, Italy, New York, and France, as well as completing urban art pieces in Norway, France, and Chile. She completed a 5 month urban arts residency in Lyon, France in 2015, and a year long residency in Annapolis, MD in 2012. As well, before moving abroad in 2015, Lee worked as a muralist and was the co-founder of Blue Lined Designs, a mural painting team based in Baltimore, MD.